Barsha Man Pun

Hon'ble Finance Minister
Appointment Date : 2080-11-23

Honorable Barsha Man Pun 'Ananta', a dynamic leader with a profound impact on Nepal's political landscape, was born on June 1971 in Rolpa Municipality-7, Rolpa, Nepal. He has a Bachelor degree in Law from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. He has assumed office as Finance Minister on March 23, 2024. This is his second term as Finance Minister; his first term was during August 2011 to March 2013. Prior to this, Mr. Pun served as Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation and also as Minister for Peace and Reconstruction.

Mr. Pun’s career spans across multifaceted domains. He has been elected as Member of House of Representative from Rolpa District. He served as Parliamentarian as well as member of first constituent assembly. He has been championing progressive policies and navigating complex challenges as the Deputy General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Maoist Center Nepal.

A prominent figure within the NCP Maoist Centre, Honorable Pun's influence extends throughout the political landscape. As a Standing Committee Member, he continues to shape policies and drive meaningful change.

Pun's journey reflects resilience and determination, starting with his activism during the Student Movement of 1985. He became a strong advocate for social justice and equality as Rolpa Co-Chairman during the National People's Movement. His rise within the political ranks, from District Party Secretary to Politburo Member, demonstrates his commitment to the party's principles.

Beyond his political endeavors, Honorable Pun is a devoted family man, sharing a life with Onsari Gharti Magar, the former Speaker of the Parliament of Nepal. Together, they embody a shared commitment to public service and nation-building.

Last Updated : 2024-04-07