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Present Organisational Overview

An overview of the main functions:

Formulate economic policies and implement them through annual budget and programmes.


Central Offices:






Nepal Rastra Bank :

Central bank concerned with monetary policy, supervision, monitoring and regulation of banks and financial institutions, and advising the government on monetary and fiscal matters.

Securities Board:
Undertake registration of securities, market intermediaries, stock exchange and Unit and Mutual Funds, regulate and monitor securities transactions

Agriculture Development Bank:
Help mobilize internal resources for economic development, and provide banking and other support services to the rural poor.

Rastriya Banijya Bank:
Provide banking services.

Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation:
Undertake credit guarantee for loans provided to priority sector by commercial banks.

Stock Exchange Centre:
Work as securities exchange market for the institutional development of the capital market.

Citizen Investment Trust:
Encourage people to save and mobilize savings for productive activities.

Employees Provident Fund:
Work as an employee trust to render post-retirement benefits to its clients.

Nepal Insurance Corporation:
To provide life and non-life insurance facilities.

Bima Samittee:
Insurance business promotion, regulation, management, monitoring, and evaluation.