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Agreement with the Government of Japan

Agreement with the Government of Japan

Government of Japan has agreed to provide approximately Rs. 257,000,000 (Japanese Yen 282,000,000) as grant assistance for the implementation of the project for Human Resource Development Scholarship.

This Project aims to enhance the capacity of the government officials by providing scholarship for the study of master degree programs in various Japanese Universities. The scholarship program covers a wide range of discipline in social science such as Economic Policy, International relation, industrial Development Policy and Legal and Judicial System during the Project period of five years. The grant will be utilized for covering the scholarship, airfares and other relevant expenses related to selected officials during their study in japan. The Project will be implemented by Ministry of Finance in coordination with JICA/JICE and other agencies /Stakeholders.

Under this program, 20 government officers will be selected for scholarship every year beginning from 2016 for Masters Degree studies for the subjects as per their specialization. Today's agreement confirms the scholarship for 20 more students in FY 2017. After the completion of the five year's JDS program, Nepal will get highly qualified human capital and mobilize it for the enhancement of the capacity of civil service in Nepal.