Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division



To monitor and evaluate overall broad based economic growth through prudent fiscal and economic management.


To enhance good practice of performance and standard through quality control and productivity through effective and efficient utilization of resources and enhance domestic revenue base.

Strategic Goals


  • To contribute to perform the functions in accordance with the general principles laid down by the acts, regulations and standards.


  • Monitor and evaluate the function of tax system, tax base and fair tax rates.
  • Monitor and evaluate to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tax administration.
  • Monitor and evaluate to pursue an efficient, effective and equitable resource allocation policy for the identified prioritised sectors.
  • Monitor and evaluate to strengthen the financial system: financial institutions, instruments, products and markets.
  • Monitor and evaluate to streamline state-owned enterprises and pursue the policy of privatisation.
  • Adapt more transparent as well as accountable fiscal and financial information system.
  • Institutionalise monitoring and evaluation system for economic management of aid resources.
  • Build public-private confidence and help to create conducive environment for private sector involvement in overall economic development.

Strategic Objectives

  • The strategic objectives are:
  • To help to contribute to the improvement of economic management;
  • To advise to prioritise public expenditure;
  • To monitor and ensure to generate more revenue;
  • To ascertain the better financial management practices in public enterprises, and improve their delivery reason, and
  • To ensure effective linkage between budget allocation and delivery system of expenditure.


  • Monitor and evaluate independently the implementation of revenue policy.
  • Prepare and implement anti-corruption Strategies, Code of Conduct, and professional ethics.
  • Ensure quality of Tax Audit and Preshipment Inspection Audit.
  • Monitor Citizen Charter and Performance of the Departments and Offices.
  • Carry out supervision and investigation of Departments, District Offices and Regulatory and public enterprises under Ministry of Finance.
  • Carry out Management Audit of Regulatory Agencies and Public Enterprises.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of regular expenditure.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of development expenditure.
  • Collect the monthly progress report from the all ministries and evaluate for the actual implementation on the basis of action plan, aims and objectives.
  • Recommend for the Prime Minister's Award to those who meet the target.
  • Recommend for penalize for those who has not meet the target.
  • Develop the Information Technology and E-Governance within the MoF and its Department.
  • Develop the computer networking within the ministries.
  • Analysis and improve the quality of economic statistics.
  • Analyze the national economic activities to improve the economy and prepare necessary strategies.
  • Work as a speaker of Ministry.
  • Prepare Development Plan of Ministry of Finance.
  • Monitor Progress Report and submit progress report to Minister and secretary.
  • Prepare Performance Indicators
  • Revenue Advisory Committee.