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कार्यकाल अवधी : (२०७३ भाद्र १९ - ०००० ००)


Personal Details

       Mr. Subedi was born in Dang Bang Village Development Committee Pyuthan on 14th May 1966. He pursued his primary and secondary education in Pyuthan, graduated in Business Administration, Public Administration, Humanities and Social Science with specialization in taxation and rural development and management from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy in Economics on "A Study on Performance of Value Added Tax in Nepal" in 2016 from Tribhuvan University of Nepal.

        In 1992, Mr. Subedi started his civil service career with the position of Section Officer in the Department of Postal Services and later he served as a tax officer in the Department of Value Added Tax; Under Secretary in 2002 in the Ministry of General Administration; Joint Secretary in 2003; Finance Secretary in October 2012. He served as a senior secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers and the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority for 2 years. Since his appointment to the post of Section Officer to now, Mr. Subedi  persistently working in the areas of public administration under different Ministries with prominent responsibilities in Nepal. He is an eminent person in his field such as making strategic plan for modernizing and reforming Revenue Administration of Nepal. He is one of a key bureaucrat while designing and implementing Value Added Tax in Nepal. He has been involving and playing vital role in the formulation, implementation and monitoring economic and fiscal policies.

       Prior to joining the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Subedi served as the Chief District Officer for Bara District in 2005, the Chief Tax Administrator for the Inland Revenue Office in Sector no. 1 Kathmandu in 2006 and the Deputy Director General for Department of Inland Revenue in 2007. He served as a coordinator of Revenue Advisory Board in 2008 and Division Chief of the Revenue Division under the Ministry of Finance in 2009.

        Mr. Subedi has travelled many countries, attended and participated various high-level and ministerial meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, training programmes, and has also published copious of articles in leading News Papers and Journals mostly on economic development, economic and development planning, revenue and public administration.

        Mr. Subedi was awarded from ‘Suprabal Jansewa Shree Padam’ and "Excellence Civil Service Award, 2016 by the Government of Nepal appreciating his good deeds in the civil service. He has a particular interest in understanding contemporary issues related to public administration, public policy, fiscal policy reading and writing. He is a member of various professional organizations and alumni in Nepal.