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Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade to the GoN

Jan 16, 2017
The Agreement was signed between Secretary, MoF and Country Manager for Nepal, the World Bank.
The World Bank (WB) has agreed to provide a total assistance amounting to US Dollar 40 million (comprising of 22 million loan assistance and 1B million as a grant assistance) equivalent to Rs. 3480 million, for the implementation of the Project for Agriculture Commercialization and Trade to the Government of Nepal (GoN), as an additional financing.

The objective of the project is to improve the competitiveness of smallholder farmers and the agribusiness sector in selected commodity value chains in the project district by (i) helping farmers groups and cooperatives engage in profitable market oriented production and improved access to markets (ii) creating and strengthening industry-wise partnerships along the value chain and (iii) reducing existing obstacles to agriculture and food trade. This additional financing removes the restriction of 25 districts, and now the project will be implemented throughout all 75 districts. So that the project would have a meaningful impact on developing a few commercially valuable chains.

The project will support with the forms of matching grants to agribusiness proposals from farmers groups, cooperative, traders and exporters and aims at reducing existing obstacles to agriculture and food trade thereby increasing the ability of farmers and agribusiness to respond food quality standards to meet domestic and international market requirements.lmpact of the project will be (i) productivity of the selected commodity value chains will be increased by 25 percent, (ii) volume of marketable agriculture products passing through the value chains will increased by 30 percent and(iii) sales of commodities in the value chains supported by the project by 25 percent.