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Economic Policy Analysis Division

About Economi Policy Analysis


Vision, Missions and Functions

  • To analyze various aspects of trend and  issues of the economy like Government expenditure, revenue mobilization, budgetary deficit, internal and external debt, price and inflation, monetary and foreign exchange policy, conduct study and research with regard to taking actions to move forward the Nepalese Economy for the country's sustainable economic growth and stability in line with the changed world economic context,  conduct market analysis, monitor market price, adopt measures for maintaining price stability, and carry out the tasks related to money laundering.
  • To support maintaining conducive environment of trust between the public and private sector for their engagement in overall economic development, create an investment friendly environment, develop a strong financial system, and strengthening investment, production and distribution system through financial tools.
  • To carry out the tasks of debt management (debt received by the Government of Nepal in the past and to be received in future), and conduct study and analyze the issues like need of the debt, limitations, outcome, and plans regarding internal loan.
  • To formulate the policies regarding the ceiling and structure of the government expenditure.
  • To prepare periodical report receiving the information and statistics from the concerned authority on the programs related to monetary policy, price policy and economic and financial policies.
  • To prepare a report based on the study and analysis of the government's financial situation.
  • To help prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports including Economic Survey.
  • To disseminate information on the Government's economic activities to the concerned entities.
  • To prepare annual Economic Survey to be submitted to the Parliament.
  • To collect statistics and estimate the source of foreign currency.
  • To adopt the measures of price stability through collecting and analyzing market price on regular basis.
  • To formulate the policies related to gaining the internal and external debts.
  • To keep the statistics and account updated related to internal and external debts.
  • To do debt management works (foreign and domestic).
  • To manage the payment of the principle amounts and interests of internal debts including development bonds, compensation, stock etc.
  • To determine the duration and amount of development bond, compensation, and stock.