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Revenue Management Division

About Revenue Management Division


Vision, Mission and Functions

  • To formulate and revise revenue policy and guidelines
  • To analyze, implement , and ensure implementation of  existing revenue policy
  • To prepare  revenue forecasting and estimates of annual revenue collection
  • To prepare the draft of Financial Bill
  • To implement effectively the revenue related policy and programmes  mentioned in Financial Act
  • To  coordinate between the departments, and monitor, supervise   and direct them.
  • To monitor and  direct  revenue collection on regular basis
  • To launch special campaign for enhancing  revenue collection through monthly review and analysis of revenue.
  • To make decision on tax exemption and approval (tax and non tax)
  • To give policy  related instructions to control the financial crimes including revenue leakage, money laundering and misuse of foreign currencyand give policy related instruction for effective implementation
  • To give opinions on revenue related matters, on request.
  • To play coordinative and supportive role in the tasks related to international tax, implementation of international agreements and double tax avoidance agreement.
  • To help accomplish the works related to international organizations including WTO, SAFTA, BIMSTEC and WCO.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and International Finance Corporation on revenue related matters.
  • To submit revenue related proposals to the Council of Ministers.
  • To determine non tax revenue related policy, scope of non-tax, rate of non tax and collection procedure, and to coordinate and collaborate with sectoral ministries for the effective collection of non tax revenue.
  • To mobilize the departments to recover revenue outstanding
  • To monitor the clearance of revenue related arrears.
  • To play an  advisory role in the revenue  matters collected through local bodies
  • To do works related to central and local revenue management
  • To accomplish management of  revenue related grievances and complaints
  • To perform revenue advisory works
  • To initiate to revise and amend revenue related Acts and Regulations, so as to make them relevant to the present context, scientific, and of international standard.